Watch the full interview with Jared Carpenter on YouTube.

In this episode: Bob continues his journey to open source the day-to-day efforts of Salad’s lean, “non-fat” team. Join our intrepid CEO and Director of Channel Partners Jared Carpenter as they peel back the layers on Salad’s guerilla marketing rollout, the history of the Salad Chefs Discord, and our burgeoning creator partnerships.

Watch the whole episode…

That’s a wrap for Season 1 — and Salad’s on a roll! Nearly 100,000 Chefs joined forces to chop through this Season’s Levels, earning 705,000 Bonuses and $730K in Salad Balance in the process. Our freshly-flush Kitchenites have redeemed over 900,000 games and rewards since the Season began.

Looking back on our first-ever Salad Season, we’re ecstatic to see how our community has grown. It’s amazing to see 120,000 new faces around the Kitchen since the summer began. …

Watch the full interview with Bob Miles on YouTube.

In today’s episode: Salad CEO Bob Miles joins the SaladCast to discuss our company business model, Salad’s humble beginnings, and the exciting future for our distributed network.

Watch the whole episode at the SaladChefs YouTube channel.

Episode Highlights

How did Salad first come to be?

There was that big runup with crypto back in 2017, and one of the things that I found really curious…

The Salad Swag collection is now available.

Our loyal Chefs have been hungry for a slice of Salad love, and the Salad Swag collection delivers! Now you can redeem official Salad apparel, stickers, and more using your Salad Balance.

Check out our all-new menu of collectible gear on the Salad Storefront.

All-New Salad Swag

Starting today, you can sink your teeth into an appetizing array of official Salad merch — all made to order, fresh from the Kitchen. Here’s a look at some of the tasty collectibles hitting the larder today:

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the final weeks of Salad Season 1. You’ve Chopped your way to extra Salad Balance, hand-picked indie games, Discord Nitro subs, and unique profile avatars — and we’re just getting started!

Now that some of you are on your way to completing Level 20, we’re pleased to announce that pro Chefs will earn an exclusive Level 20 swag pack as their final Season 1 Bonus.

Level 20 Exclusives

You heard that right: today’s special includes goodies you Any Chef who reaches Level 20 before the end of the Season will receive the…

Mapping the Metaverse: Transmission VI

Dank Vapor art by @shaneyboyart.

In the novel of the same name, “Snow Crash” is a concoction that’s equal parts drug and malware. It staggers the…

Bad news, Chefs! It’s time to say “gg” to SkinBaron vouchers at the Salad Storefront. To honor one of our trustiest sidearms, Salad Chefs can now take 10% off all SkinBaron vouchers while they’re still in stock. Check out all the discounted items right here.

SkinBaron vouchers will be removed from our catalog on August 20th — so get tactical while supplies last!

What Is SkinBaron?

Mapping the Metaverse: Transmission V

For the past eight years, has hosted a community showcase to commemorate the platform’s best user-generated experiences. …

Thousands of Salad Chefs have already earned their Discord Nitro Classic Bonus at Level 10 — and kept on cruising even higher! With just weeks left in the first-ever Salad Season, let’s take a look at some of the newly unveiled Levels and perks.

Announcing Levels 15–19

The latest Levels introduce a trifecta of gilded avatars, an instant-unlock game code from Luci Entertainment, and personalized Balance boosts to the tune of big bucks! Check out all of the Bonuses revealed this week:

  • Level 15: Golden Avocado Avatar
  • Level 16: Luci Entertainment Random Key
  • Level 17: Golden Lettuce Avatar
  • Level 18: 2X Salad Balance…

Mapping the Metaverse: Transmission IV

Morpheme art by @shaneyboyart.

Beyond his career as an author, Neal Stephenson has become a sought-after futurist* in his own right. During a stint at Blue Origin in the…


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