Since our first download, the Ethereum network has played a central part in helping Chefs level up their game. Now that our Kitchen has the chops to serve diversified workloads, we’re ready to sink our teeth into other fare. Salad will still support Ethereum cryptomining, but we’re working on ways to allow Chefs to opt into and share the proceeds from an à la carte menu of high-performance computing tasks.

We’d like to reflect on how crypto became a primary ingredient, explain why we’re expanding our computational cuisine, and give you a taste of what we’ve got cooking to give…

If you’ve encountered worrisome messages while trying to launch Salad, you may have been foiled by your internet service provider. Let’s discuss why this happens and explore some troubleshooting tips to unblock Salad on your ISP.

Who Did This?

Internet service providers (ISP) are the companies that connect you to the series of tubes we call “the Internet.” They relay your interactions to the appropriate servers and fire back your fix of digital dopamine.

Because they run the plumbing, the folks at your ISP also have a say in the things you do online. Providers implement catch-all solutions like firewalls and “child protection”…

Cultivating fresh Salad Balance is easy: once we’ve scoped out your hardware, we connect your rig to whichever mining pool will churn out maximum greenbacks. When it comes to earning the most from your idle PC, Salad handles the hard parts.

Chefs often ask us about the subtle differences in earning rates between Ethermine and NiceHash, two of the pools we use to Chop. A thorough answer requires a dive into acronym-heavy concepts — so put your flippers on!

Crypto Concept Review

To make things easy, we’ll hit some short definitions up top. …

To celebrate Salad’s third birthday, we’re giving away a custom PC case, hundreds in Salad Balance, and a full-course offering of never-before-seen swag! Compete in our weekly XP giveaways for the next three weeks, and every XP you earn will give you entries for the grand prize.

Weekly Salad Balance & Merch Giveaways

Every week, we’ll pick three lucky Salad Chefs to win the following:

  • Winner: $300 in Salad Balance
  • 1st Runner-up: Blue Salad beanie, “Salad: For Your Home PC” T-shirt, “CHOP” sticker
  • 2nd Runner-up: “Salad: For Your Home PC” T-shirt, “CHOP” sticker

From now through Monday, April 26, simply run Salad to rack up one…

Every month, Salad users claim thousands of Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic subscriptions using the dormant power of their home computers. If you’re new to Salad — or you haven’t copped a sub of your own — let’s find out how to earn your next month of Discord Nitro on us.

Discord Nitro provides the perfect set of perks to trick out your server. Every month, Salad users claim thousands of Nitro and Nitro Classic subscriptions to unlock benefits like custom emoji, animated avis, and high-quality voice chat for their next tourney.

Let’s discover everything you get when you pick up a monthly sub.

What Is Salad?

Salad is a free app that helps you maximize the value of your gaming PC by turning idle compute resources into Steam games, DLC, Minecraft loot, and tons more epic rewards.

Download Salad today to empower your idle hours.

What Is Discord Nitro?

(Source: Ethereum Foundation)

Ethereum’s all-time price highs have made it the darling child of investors and developers. But the network still needs to overcome a few growing pains before it cements its place as the top platform for decentralized applications.

The Ethereum Foundation is poised to roll out a series of fundamental changes to improve transaction times, reduce fees, and clean up environmental output. Over the next two years, the phased rollout of the Serenity protocol will culminate in the launch of Ethereum 2.0.

New to Ethereum? Get the skinny right here before diving in with Ethereum 2.0.

(Source: Ethereum Foundation)

You’ve probably seen the effects of crypto’s recent price rally on your blossoming Salad Balance. Our users are earning beaucoup bucks to level up their game — helped, in part, by the Ethereum network.

If you’re not familiar with Blockchain , read our handy guide before diving in.

There are few rules in blockchain art. As long as your piece is backed by a token, you can sell anything from hand-drawn OCs to portraits of esteemed Bitcoin advocate Lindsay Lohan.

Yet Hashmasks have proven that an ungoverned discipline isn’t devoid of principle. How did one project revolutionize NFT art practically overnight?

Behind the Mask

(Source: The Hashmasks)

Hashmasks are the work of an eponymous collective composed of more than 70 anonymous artists from around the world. The project’s commissioner, Suum Cuique Labs, is a likewise mysterious entity incorporated in Switzerland only months before the Hashmasks’ debut.

The series boasts 16,384 unique NFTs, each one…

The Salad Chefs made 2020 an amazing year for our community. Our users celebrated unsung indies from dozens of home-brew developers, donated thousands to global charities, and helped offset carbon emissions for the whole Kitchen. Each of our dedicated users contributed to growing the Ethereum blockchain — and made heaps of fresh lettuce doing it!

As thanks to those who keep the Kitchen cooking, we’re discounting select games and digital rewards all throughout February. You’re making a difference. Now let’s make Salad a celebration!

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